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Subir Ghosh

SUBIR GHOSH is a Kolkata-based independent journalist-writer-researcher who writes about environment, corruption, crony capitalism, conflict, wildlife, and cinema. He is the author of one book, and has co-authored three with others. In mainstream media, he has worked the Press Trust of India (PTI), the Telegraph, and the Daily News and Analysis (DNA). 

He has handled communications and publications for the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), the Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI). and SPG Publications. Over the years, he has been a columnist for a host of publications, including First Post, Kindle, Asian Correspondent, The Asian, Yuva and the Imphal Free Press, among others. 

He writes, edits, reports and designs. He is also a professionally trained and qualified photographer.

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Title Date
Textiles and Clothing Get More Functional: Industry Readies to Drive on Performance and Innovation 10 Feb 2023
Scalable and Sustainable Innovations are Not a Contradiction in Terms 25 Jan 2023
Philosophy Hasn’t Changed at Munich Fabric Start; It Reinvents by the Season 17 Jan 2023
Greenwashing Confuses Consumers, Creates Mistrust and Affects Brands Doing it Right 14 Dec 2022
Textile Recycling as a Collaborative Effort: Texcircle Project Shows the Way 11 Dec 2022
Fashion at COP27: The Shame Old Story 21 Nov 2022
Hub of All Things: Berlin’s Fashion Space Enables a Co-Ownership Approach 18 Nov 2022
Worth Dyeing For: Real Battle is Fighting for True Transparency Across Denim Supply Chain 17 Nov 2022
Denim Still a Key Player in Industry Due to Its Flexibility and Ability to Adapt its Image 15 Nov 2022
Mongolia Has an Answer to Fast Fashion: Sustainable Cashmere 10 Nov 2022
Prague’s Clothing Bank Touches Lives of the Needy, Stops Garments from Going Waste 9 Nov 2022
Ten Years On: Australian Charity Threads Through an Ethical Response to Fashion's Excess 20 Oct 2022
HKRITA’s Green Machine is Breakthrough that Recycling of Blended Textiles Needed, at Scale 17 Oct 2022
The Burmese Python that Destroyed Everglades Ecosystem Is Now Sheer Leather 14 Oct 2022
Good Earth Cotton Starts Work on a Delight-ful Project in India 13 Oct 2022
The Report on India's Textile Waste Needs a Closer Look and an Update 10 Oct 2022
Global Confidence in Organic Cotton Dips. Reason: The Great Indian Organic Cotton Scam 7 Oct 2022
As Member States Roll out Different Support Schemes, Single Market Gets Fragmented 5 Oct 2022
Certifications Necessary at This Point, but They Are Indeed Not Perfect 4 Oct 2022
What the Physical Fair Offers Cannot Be Replaced by Digital Tools 27 Sep 2022
From the Land of Innovation: A T-shirt that Decomposes in Six Days Flat 26 Sep 2022
Over-Consumption and Over-Production Will Have No Place in New Economy 23 Sep 2022
R&D, Investments Still Needed for Agri-waste Textiles to Take off in Big Way 22 Sep 2022
Second-Hand Clothing is a Killer of African Manufacturing and Jobs 19 Sep 2022
The Biggest Disruption is the Switch from the Seasonal to a Timeless Conception 7 Sep 2022
India Loves Fossil Fuel Fashion: Country's Biggest Textile Player Goes on Polyester Overdrive 5 Sep 2022
Wearing the Colours of Climate Change: Data Takes the Form of Textiles 29 Aug 2022
Live and Let Dye: Somali-American Designer Shows Way Beyond Chemicals 23 Aug 2022
The Story Behind the World's First Biodegradable Footwear: In Their Own Words 22 Aug 2022
Amphitex Material Innovation Involves Material Science, Textile Design and Design Engineering 16 Aug 2022
Asia's Largest Denim Bloc, Satisfied with Home Front, Turns Eye on Exports 2 Aug 2022
Driving Forces for Zippers Changing, End-Users Will Exert More Influence Soon 13 Jul 2022
HKRITA Shows Garment-to-Garment Recycling Can Be Done, But Industry Yet to Catch Up 17 Jun 2022
Higg MSI Stands Discredited; Norway Rules Against Norrøna, Warns H&M, Hauls up SAC 16 Jun 2022
H&M Short Shrifts Its Tall Promise as Treadler Project is Spiked 16 Jun 2022
Back-to-Back News Reports Put Sustainability Archangels on the Back Foot 15 Jun 2022
EPR: Due Diligence Is a Fundamental Component of Any Legislative Framework 3 Jun 2022
Print Is Just a Small Part of Supply Chain But at Each Stage Transformation Is Afoot 30 May 2022
A Safe Environment Costs More than a Fossil-Based Economy 30 May 2022
We Want to Become a Role Model in Europe and Eventually to the World 27 May 2022
Key Drivers Coming from User Industries Looking for Innovation, NextGen Apps 26 May 2022
Biden's IPEF Is Where US Foreign Policy Puts on a Trade Garb 24 May 2022
Denim Companies Trying to Do Their Bit, But Will That Be Enough? 20 May 2022
Regenerative Cotton Is Most Pragmatic Way to Stop Climate Change 20 May 2022
EU Textiles Strategy: What it Means for the Denim Sector 19 May 2022
Produce Less, Better and What Is Necessary. That's Real Sustainability: Paolo Gnutti 19 May 2022
Companies that Consider Sustainability an Expense Will Not Survive 18 May 2022
That’s How Denim Companies Came out of the Pandemic 18 May 2022
There’s a Desperate Need to Get Together in Person After the Pandemic 17 May 2022
Denim Sustainability No More a Trend, It’s Now an Obligation 17 May 2022
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