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Green Fashion Alternatives Could Be Grown from Black Tea, Suggests UK Research Textile Recycling Homework Update 9 Jun 2023
Global Change Award winners Announced, H&M Doubles Grant and Winners Innovation GCA 2023 Update 9 Jun 2023
EU Lays Out Transition Pathway for Textiles Ecosystem EU Textiles Strategy Transition Pathway Update 8 Jun 2023
GOTS to Use Satellite Imagery, AI for Cultivation Detection in Indian Field Project Cotton Farming GOTS Project Update 8 Jun 2023
New Collaboration to Drive Transformational Change in Chemical Usage in Leather and Textile Industries Chemical Usage Standards Update 8 Jun 2023
Australian Fashion Council Charts 'Seamless' Way to Circularity in 7 Years Going Circular Australian Industry Update 7 Jun 2023
Standards Alone Cannot Work Towards Sustainability, Says WWF Benchmarking Study on Cotton Standards Cotton Production Standards Update 7 Jun 2023
Jordan to See $7.3 billion in Apparel Exports by 2033; Migrants Make up Three-Fourth of Workforce Country Overview Jordan Update 7 Jun 2023
US Entomologists Design Fabric to Block Mosquito Bites Functional Clothing Anti-mosquito Update 7 Jun 2023
Carbios to Get Grants of €54 million for Construction of First PET Biorecycling Plant in France Recycling PET Plant Update 6 Jun 2023
YKK Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Purchasing at 31 Sites Worldwide Energy Practices Renewables Update 6 Jun 2023
New Report Says Fashion Accounts for 1.8% of Global Emissions; Sector Needs to Cut it Down by 45% in Next 7 Years Climate Crisis Target 2030 Update 5 Jun 2023
India Working on Convergence of Top 5 Institutes for Fashion, Design, Footwear, Packaging ad Exports Human Resources Convergence Update 5 Jun 2023
Cotton Yarn Innovator brrr° Completes $6.3 million Capital Round with Designer David Chu Functional Fabrics Funding Round Update 5 Jun 2023
Variable Deficit Irrigation in Cotton Can Help Improve Yields and Save Water, Finds Study Cotton Farming Irrigation Update 5 Jun 2023
Deforestation Scam: Viscose Producer's Denials Insufficient to Rebut Evidence, Say 5 Groups Deforestation Viscose Special 2 Jun 2023
There's a Need for Harmonisation of Textile Policies Across EU Member States, Says Policy Hub EU Textiles Strategy Harmonisation Update 2 Jun 2023
CottonConnect and Haelixa Join Hands for Better Traceability of Cotton Traceability Cotton Trails Update 2 Jun 2023
Come July, Première Vision Paris Will Get a Redesigned Format Event Preview Première Vision Update 2 Jun 2023
European Parliament Sounds Death Knell for Fast Fashion; Issues Call for EU and National Measures EU Textiles Strategy Recommendations Update 1 Jun 2023
Joining the Dots: Sustainability Strategy Reflects the Colonial Logic of the Global Economy Climate Crisis Carbon Colonialism Special 1 Jun 2023
Brands Going Around in Circles; Score Measly 2.97 on 10 in Circularity; Indian Brands Cut Sorry Figure Circularity Fashion Index Update 1 Jun 2023
WNDR Alpine Launches Algae-Powered Activewear Line Innovation Beyond Fossil Fuels Update 1 Jun 2023
UNEP Suggests Way Out; Lays Down Roadmap for Textiles Sustainability and Circularity Going Circular UNEP Roadmap Update 31 May 2023
Gnutti: Either You're 100% Sustainable or You're Not; Berto: Don’t Want to Over-Produce Denim PV Berlin Perspectives Special 31 May 2023
Small Farmer Atlas Launched to Bring Farmer Voices into Sustainability Debates Cotton Farming Small Farmers Update 31 May 2023
US Researchers Develop Sweater-Wrapped Robots That Can Feel and React to Human Touch Smart Textiles Robotics Update 31 May 2023
Isko’s Circular Way: Not Giving to Industry Pressure to Have a New Product Every Season Denim PV Berlin Circular Way Special 30 May 2023
Denim Challenge: Translating Most Creative Trends into More Eco-responsible Approach Denim PV Berlin Top Voice Special 29 May 2023
HydraSport Project Focuses on Hydration and Sweat Analysis for Smart Low-Cost Fabrics Functional Clothing Hydration Update 29 May 2023
Ventless Dryers Contribute to Waterborne Microfibre Pollution, Researchers Call for Improved Appliance Design Microfibre Pollution Dryers Update 29 May 2023
Recycled Mattress Textiles Can Be Used in New Batteries for EVs Recycling Textiles Battery Prospects Update 27 May 2023
US Scientists Tweak Cotton Genes: Higher Yielding Cotton, Higher Quality Fibre, and a Possibly Perennial Crop Cotton Production Genetics Update 26 May 2023
20 Years On: Over 100 Denim/Sportswear Specialists Head for Bluezone Event Preview Bluezone Update 26 May 2023
‘Bio’ Does not Mean it is Biodegradable, Says a New Study Microfibre Pollution Bio-Synthetics Update 26 May 2023
Carpet Industry Must Stop Brushing Under the Mat Evidence of Potentially Harmful Microplastics, Says Report Microfibre Pollution Carpets Update 26 May 2023
Upping Your Sourcing Strategy: Evaluate Potential Suppliers Based on Predefined Criteria Expert Advice Supply Chains Column 26 May 2023
ERCA, Patagonia, YKK Team Up to Deploy Circularity with a Low Impact Chem-Tech Innovation Climate Action Revecol Update 25 May 2023
World's Largest Viscose Producers Royal Golden Eagle / Sateri Ravaging Indonesia's Endangered Rainforests Deforestation Viscose Update 24 May 2023
Polyester Giant Reliance Sets Stage for Shein's Backdoor Return to India Retail Watch Reliance-Shein Special 23 May 2023
Cotton Farmers Alone Made up 15% of India's Suicides in 2021, Climate Change Making Things Worse Climate Crisis Farmer Distress Update 22 May 2023
Australians' Wardrobes Filled with Clothes They’ve Never Worn; Half Buy One Clothing Item Every Month Country Overview Australia Update 22 May 2023
IOAS Lifts Ban on Control Union (India) Certifications Organic India Update 19 May 2023
Bangladesh Lifts Fumigation Requirements on US Cotton Imports Cotton Trade US Cotton Update 19 May 2023
Fake Review Payback Time: FTC to Use $4.2 million Fines to Issue Refunds to Customers Consumer Watch Fashion Nova Update 19 May 2023
Why We Should Embrace the Joy of Dressing ‘Outside of the Lines’ Like Gen Z Style File Gen Z Special 18 May 2023
EU Trade Deficit in Textiles and Clothing Jumped 48% in 2022 World Trade EU Deficit Update 18 May 2023
Micro-Scale Robotic Fashion Production Facility to Develop High-Value, Low Volume UK Garment Industry Garmenting New Solutions Update 18 May 2023
First Ever 3D Configurator for Custom Trim Sales from YKK Fashion Accessories Innovation Update 18 May 2023
Higg Rebranded as Worldly, Ties Up with SGS, Streamlines ESG Regulatory Reporting Branding Worldly Launch Update 17 May 2023