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Textile Exchange Looks at Long-Lasting, Measurable Benefits for Climate, Nature and People; Redefines the Term “Preferred” Preferred Fibres New Definition Update 8 Feb 2023
New Project Aims to Deploy ‘Plastic-Eating’ Enzymes to Combat Waste Polyester Clothing Textile Waste Polyester Problem Update 8 Feb 2023
Recycling Gets Boost: US Researchers Devise Technology to Eliminate Problem of Garment Sorting Going Circular Garment Sorting Update 8 Feb 2023
Laundry Washing in UK Releases 17,847 tonnes of Microfibres Every Year Microfibre Pollution UK Laundering Update 8 Feb 2023
US Companies Generate $585 million for Fashion-Textiles Industry in Northern Central America Central America Investments Update 7 Feb 2023
Inclusive Circularity: Recycled Plastic Collected by Wastepickers Turned into 152 million Buttons Going Circular Inclusive Project Update 7 Feb 2023
Mechanical Recycling Will Become Major Technology for Single-Material Textiles, Says Study Going Sustainable Technologies Update 6 Feb 2023
Reliance Retail is First Retail Chain in India to Create In-Store Acceptance of Digital Rupee [e₹-R] for Customers Digital Currency India Retail Update 6 Feb 2023
Adidas Launches First Label in Almost 50 Years, Harps on Performance Technologies Launchpad Adidas Sportswear Update 6 Feb 2023
Australia’s Cotton Farmers Can Help Prevent Exploitation in the Global Garment Industry Cotton Farming Australian Industry Special 3 Feb 2023
Moving Away from Wet Processing Best Way to Avoid Microfibre Shedding in Textile Manufacturing Microfibre Pollution Wet Processing Update 3 Feb 2023
Wood-based Textiles: Standard LCA Studies Require Rethinking on Methods, Indicators and Metrics Manmade Cellulosic Fibres LCA Research Update 3 Feb 2023
Deep-tech Startup Ever Dye Raises €3.4M to Scale Dyeing Process that Uses 1/15x Less Energy Dyes & Chemicals Funding Round Update 2 Feb 2023
Current Structure for Recycling Textiles in EU Not Working, Finds EEA Study Textile Waste Europe Markets Update 1 Feb 2023
Breakthrough New Material Solves Problem of Wearable Sensors Innovation Fabric Sensors Update 1 Feb 2023
Fashion For Good Heads for North America with Project to Provide Snapshot of Textile Waste Composition Textile Waste US Sorting Update 1 Feb 2023
Apparel Impact Institute Opens Call for Applications for Solutions Portfolio to Deploy Grants from $250M Fashion Climate Fund Climate Action Solutions Portfolio Update 1 Feb 2023
The Latest from HKRITA is Acousweep: A Microplastic Fibre Separation System Using Sweeping Acoustic Waves Microfibre Pollution Solutions Update 1 Feb 2023
And Now Textile Energy Device to Power Flexible Electronics Innovation Wearable Tech Update 1 Feb 2023
Spring/Summer ‘24: Trend-setting Smart Textiles, Future Fabrics and New Technologies Event Report MFS SS'24 Update 30 Jan 2023
Archroma Launches FiberColors: A Technology that Transforms Textile Waste into Colours Innovation Dyes Update 30 Jan 2023
ICAC Releases Cotton Data Book 2022 Cotton Production Data Book 2022 Update 30 Jan 2023
Accelerating Circularity Launches Directory to Push Textile-to-Textile Recycling Going Circular Recycling Resources Update 27 Jan 2023
New Fabric Coating Could Drastically Reduce Microplastic Pollution from Washing Clothes Microfibre Pollution Innovation Update 27 Jan 2023
EU Launches Instagram-Driven #RefashionNow Campaign for Youngsters and Influencers to Reset Fast Fashion Fast Fashion ReSet the Trend Update 26 Jan 2023
Scalable and Sustainable Innovations are Not a Contradiction in Terms Event Roundup Heimtextil 2023 Exclusive 25 Jan 2023
New Grading System Hopes to Divert 500 million kg of Clothes and other Fabric Items from Landfills Textile Waste Grading System Update 25 Jan 2023
Reducing the Environmental Impact of a Textile Dye House Best Practices Textile Manufacturing Column 24 Jan 2023
Bans or Fees Don't Work, Ending Fast Fashion Only Way to End Returns Return to Sender Fast Fashion Update 24 Jan 2023
Researcher Develops Smart Textile that Detects Fever in Infants Smart Textiles Infant Care Update 24 Jan 2023
Taiwan Industry Signs Agreement with Swatchbook on Digitising Operations Digitisation Drive Taiwan Move Update 24 Jan 2023
Crackdown’s Coming: EPA Announces Plans for Wastewater Regulations and Studies, Including Limits for PFAS Toxics Usage Tackling PFAS Update 23 Jan 2023
Slowdown in Europe and US: Indian Leather Industry to See 8% Revenue Drop Slowdown Effect Indian Leather Update 23 Jan 2023
School of Apparel and Retail Management Launched in Bangladesh Human Resources Bangladesh Update 23 Jan 2023
Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Crafts That Concern and Communicate Cover 20 Jan 2023
USDA Researchers Develop Naturally Fire-Resistant Cotton Lines Cotton Farming Innovation Update 20 Jan 2023
Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: In the Name of Sustainability Cover 19 Jan 2023
Canadian Researchers Aim to Make Virus-Killing Clothing a Good Fit for Production Line Innovation ProtectiveWear Update 19 Jan 2023
Zero Waste Europe Outlines Four Criteria for Mapping Zero Waste Fashion Business Models Zero Waste Europe Models Update 19 Jan 2023
Section 301 Tariffs on China Added to Operational Costs of US Companies, Cost Burden Paid by American Families, Says Study Trade Wars 301 Tariffs Update 19 Jan 2023
Clothing Reuse Has 1/70 Times Lower Environmental Impact, Reveals New Study Going Circular Clothing Reuse Update 19 Jan 2023
Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Diverse Weaves with Paper, Wood and Hair Cover 18 Jan 2023
Philosophy Hasn’t Changed at Munich Fabric Start; It Reinvents by the Season Cover 17 Jan 2023
FibreTrace Frees up Traceability Solution, but with Fine Print Traceability FibreTrace Mapped Update 17 Jan 2023
Garment Industry in Bangladesh Struggles to Contain Pollution Industrial Pollution Bangladesh Special 17 Jan 2023
Munich Fabric Start Set to Rock in Trends for Spring-Summer ‘24 Cover 16 Jan 2023
Analysis Finds Reason for Slow Progress on Environment: Shareholders Couldn't Care Less, Proposals Keep Getting Voted Down Corp Action Shareholders Update 16 Jan 2023
Human Designs Score Over AI-Generated Work, Concludes Korean Fashion Researcher Artificial Intelligence Designs Update 16 Jan 2023
Yes, Handwashing Clothes Reduces Microplastic Release Compared to Machine Washing Microfibre Pollution Washing Update 16 Jan 2023
'Smart' Coating can be Precisely Applied to Make Fabric into Protective Gear Innovation Smart Coating Update 16 Jan 2023