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Policy-Induced Global Recession Looms Large; Inadequate Financial Support Leaves Developing Countries in Lurch Global Economy UNCTAD Report Update Oct 3, 2022
Non-Toxic Bioleather, Inspired by Indigenous Science, Created at Columbia Engineering Biomaterials Non-Toxic Leather Update Oct 3, 2022
Haelixa Makes Egyptian Cotton Product Traceable under UNECE Project Traceability Egyptian Cotton Update Oct 3, 2022
Startup that Recycles Diapers into Flushable Cat Litter Wins INDA Innovation Award Innovation RISE Award Update Oct 3, 2022
Why Patagonia’s Purpose-Driven Business Model Is Unlikely to Spread Corp Action Patagonia Fallout Special Oct 1, 2022
SBTi to Fill 22% Global Emissions Gap Not Addressed Before, Launches New Guidance to Cover Land-Related Emissions and Removals GHG Emissions SBTI Targets Update Sep 30, 2022
Shein Talks Science-Based Targets, Says Scope 3 Constitutes 99% of Emissions, Earmarks $7.6 m for Apparel Impact Institute GHG Emissions Shein Targets Update Sep 30, 2022
Fashion Weeks of Paris, Milan and London Work Best for China Fashion Weeks Vitality Index Update Sep 30, 2022
Textile Workers Launch Campaign for Social Protection, and Better Health/Safety Standards Workers Rights MENA Campaign Update Sep 30, 2022
91% Facilities Still Show Non-Compliance of 1+ Local Legal Requirements Supply Chains Legal Compliance Update Sep 29, 2022
Elastane Giant Lycra to Use Qira for NextGen Bio-Derived Fibre Biomaterials Lycra and Qira Update Sep 29, 2022
New Action Plan Details How Brands Can Leverage Digital IDs to Install Circular Services Going Circular Digital ID Update Sep 29, 2022
Timberland Gets CNMI Sustainable Fashion Award for Circular Economy Fashion Awards CNMI 2022 Update Sep 29, 2022
Cambodian Ministries, EU-Funded Project to Promote Sustainable Energy Practices in Garment Sector Energy Practices Cambodia Project Update Sep 29, 2022
COTANCE Urges Leather Certification Bodies to Discuss Standardisation of Core Requirements for Traceability Audit Fatigue Leather Certifications Update Sep 29, 2022
Treasure in Plain Sight: 494,000 tonnes of Post-Consumer Waste Ready for Fibre-to-Fibre Recycling in 6 European Countries Recycling Europe Prospects Update Sep 28, 2022
Monitor for Circular Fashion Presents Best Practices of Circular Fashion Manifesto Going Circular Best Practices Update Sep 28, 2022
Responsible Sourcing Network Releases New Standards for Fabric Mills, Update for Spinning Mills Due Diligence Sourcing Standards Update Sep 28, 2022
Amfori, Fair Wear, Partnership for Sustainable Textiles Sign MoU on Addressing Workers’ Grievances Workers Rights Grievance Redressal Update Sep 28, 2022
Innovation project CISUTAC to Support Transition to Circular and Sustainable Textiles in Europe Going Circular CISUTAC Update Sep 27, 2022
What the Physical Fair Offers Cannot Be Replaced by Digital Tools Straight Talk Wilmet Shea Exclusive Sep 27, 2022
Textile Services, Vital for Healthcare and Hospitality, Could Be Hard Hit by EU Energy Crisis EU energy crisis ETSA Update Sep 27, 2022
New Cotton Project Releases Second White Paper; Circular Business Models Explained Going Circular White Paper Update Sep 27, 2022
ICAC Takes to Cotton Storytelling with New Data Portal Data Services ICAC Portal Update Sep 27, 2022
From the Land of Innovation: A T-shirt that Decomposes in Six Days Flat Manmade Fibres Highlact Special Sep 26, 2022
Modified Silk Proteins Used to Create NonStick Surfaces, Can Be Applied to Fabrics Too Material Science Innovation Update Sep 26, 2022
Wearable Sensors Styled into T-shirts and Facemasks, Exciting Possibilities for Everyday Clothing Innovation Pecotex Update Sep 26, 2022
Over-Consumption and Over-Production Will Have No Place in New Economy Leader Speak Peter Buttiens Exclusive Sep 23, 2022
US Report on Microfibre Pollution Turns Heat on Textiles and Fashion Microfibre Pollution US Report Update Sep 23, 2022
Adidas, Stella McCartney Unveil First Garment Designed with Infinna under New Cotton Project Going Circular Made to Be Remade Update Sep 23, 2022
PVH Foundation Joins Apparel Impact Institute Fashion Climate Fund Climate Action PVH Foundation Update Sep 23, 2022
Sri Lanka's Apparel Exports Show Highest Ever Growth, Jan-Aug'22 Clocks 20.24% Jump Apparel Exports Sri Lanka Update Sep 22, 2022
PFAS Found in 65% of School Uniforms in US Toxics Usage School Uniforms Update Sep 22, 2022
R&D, Investments Still Needed for Agri-waste Textiles to Take off in Big Way Biomaterials Polybion Special Sep 22, 2022
Rising Heat, Exacerbated by Climate Change, Will Hit Bangladesh's Garment Sector by 2050: Report Climate Impact Bangladesh RMG Update Sep 22, 2022
Cambodia Hikes Garment Worker Wages... by $6 Workers Rights Cambodia Wages Update Sep 22, 2022
HKRITA Gets ITMF Award for Green Machine, Its 5th Award Since 2016 Launch ITMF Awards Green Machine Update Sep 21, 2022
US Set to End Visa-Mastercard Duopoly, Address Swipe Fee Tyranny Payment Systems US Act Update Sep 21, 2022
Each Biomaterial Must be Considered on a Case-by-Case Basis Biomaterials Polybion Special Sep 21, 2022
First ITMF Awards Announced for Sustainability & Innovation and International Cooperation ITMF Awards Announcement Update Sep 21, 2022
Applications for Global Change Award 2023 Are Now Open Innovation GCA Awards Update Sep 21, 2022
Inflation Hits Apparel: 63% US Consumers Buying Less Clothes or Putting off Purchase Cost of Living US Apparel Update Sep 20, 2022
Four-Company Coalition Launches Industry-First Shoe Made from Carbon Emissions Climate Action Carbon Emissions Update Sep 20, 2022
Second-Hand Clothing is a Killer of African Manufacturing and Jobs Leader Speak Skander Negasi Exclusive Sep 19, 2022
Lululemon's Sustainability Report Fails to Hide It Increased Climate Pollution by 60%: Climate Crisis LuluCoal Update Sep 19, 2022
Can't Pass Costs to Consumer, Industry Will Collapse, Says EURATEX EU energy crisis EURATEX Call Update Sep 19, 2022
Ethiopia, China and Germany Set to Boost Sustainable Textile Investments Destination Ethiopia Trilateral Ties Update Sep 17, 2022
Luxury Industry Still Low on New Tech; Only 2.3 of 16 Technologies Adopted Tech Adoption Luxury Sector Update Sep 17, 2022
ZDHC Evokes Scientific Concerns, Includes PFAS in Upgraded Restricted Substances List Toxic Fashion ZDHC MRSL Update Sep 17, 2022
USDA Grants $30 million for Building Climate-Smart Cotton and Wool Markets Climate Action Market Grant Update Sep 17, 2022