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Richa Bansal

RICHA BANSAL has more than 30 years of media industry experience, of which the last 20 years have been with leading fashion magazines in both B2B and B2C domains. Her most recent position was at the helm of editoral affairs at Fibre2Fashion, one of India’s leading B2B media conglomerates, which has a prominent presence across magazines, events and websites. 

Richa has worked at the head of a slew of premium B2B magazines, including Images Business of Fashion, Shoes & Accessories India and the iconic Sportswear International, of which she was the Launch Editor. This was preceded by prolific work with newspapers, wire services and news portals, including, India Abroad News Service (IANS), Press Trust of India (PTI) and the Sentinel.


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Title Date
Bridging the Luxury to Affordable Gap in the Home Market 11 Jan 2023
A Rainforest, Palm Trees and Blanks that Make for Buttons 2 Jan 2023
Looking at a Positive Future: How One Bangladeshi Company is Recycling it Raw 22 Dec 2022
Except Big Players, Most Indian Businesses Want Ready-to-Use Products than Invest in R&D 12 Dec 2022
It is Responsibility of Everyone to Understand Origins of ALL Materials 8 Dec 2022
Leather Industry can Veritably be Part of the Climate Solution 7 Dec 2022
Industry Needs to Find More Efficient, Less Resource Heavy Ways of Producing Leather 6 Dec 2022
Clear Labelling of Leather and Alternative Materials Critical to Make Informed Choice 5 Dec 2022
PureDenim and Sonovia Collaboration Inches Towards Eco-Friendly Dyeing Technology 29 Nov 2022
Greenwashing Oversimplifies Highly Technical Issues and Is Pervasive 11 Oct 2022
Each Biomaterial Must be Considered on a Case-by-Case Basis 21 Sep 2022
Shift to Southeast Asia Was Inevitable for Taiwanese Leather Industry 12 Sep 2022
Punjab's Phulkari Finds Expression in Contemporary Silhouettes 6 Sep 2022
2023 Could be Even More Challenging in Post-Brexit UK 25 Aug 2022
SLF Transparency Dashboard Will Alleviate Audit Fatigue and Cost 9 Aug 2022
Focus for Bio-industries is How to Scale Up, Commercialise Innovations and Get Funding 8 Aug 2022
No Child Play This 4 Aug 2022
Buy Less, Buy Better: So, Here's Some New VYN in Old Bottle 12 Jul 2022
Product Information is Detached from Real Life Products in Blockchain Systems 29 Jun 2022
Digital Printing Only Realistic Way to Answer Demand Quickly Without Overproduction 27 Jun 2022
Denim Developers See More Value in Blending Tencel Fibres 10 Jun 2022
Uncorked, And How! With a ‘Solution’ to Weave Rugs 7 Jun 2022
Solution for Entire Industry Is to Bring Back Value, Bring Down Volumes 2 Jun 2022
Be Greedy, Be Hungry And Follow Your Ambitions 1 Jun 2022
Order Intake for Italian Manufacturers Declined in First Three Months of 2022 30 May 2022
Hide and Seek: US Leather Industry Has Found a New Voice 23 May 2022
Brands Should Invest Back into Leather Value Chains 13 May 2022
PETA Stance on Leather is Generalised Bias Based on Ideology 12 May 2022
Traceability Needs Collaborative Approach to Engage Entire Value Chain 10 May 2022
In Future, Tanneries Will Get Hides as By-product from Regenerative Farming 5 May 2022
For Society that Needs to Consume Less, Leather is Perfect Material 4 May 2022
With 88% trade deficit rise, India embarks on FTA overdrive 3 May 2022
‘Uncovering’ the Shroud of Turin: An Exercise in Textile Forensics 2 May 2022
Let’s go to rural India where labour and land are available but people migrate for work 28 Apr 2022
Industry's order intake was good in early 2022, says VDMA chief 25 Apr 2022
Cotton a risk crop, increasing pressure to certify, says Control Union 18 Apr 2022
Consumers unaware most vegan leather made of PVC, PU, plastics 11 Apr 2022
The rest of the world now needs to follow suit 6 Apr 2022
Where Down goes Up: Reducing Carbon Footprint 30 Mar 2022
From Naught to More 29 Mar 2022
Recycling for Circularity: Bangladesh Shows World How to Do It 25 Mar 2022
Recycling for Circularity: Realities from Bangladesh 24 Mar 2022
Due Diligence Partnerships Can Work Wonders for Circularity 23 Mar 2022
Brands and Traders Have a Task on Their Hands 22 Mar 2022
Due Diligence in Cotton Supply Chains Is a Real Challenge 21 Mar 2022
Working to Good Effect 6 Mar 2022
The Next 2–3 Years Are Going to Be Very Challenging 6 Mar 2022
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