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Textile Exchange Looks at Long-Lasting, Measurable Benefits for Climate, Nature and People; Redefines the Term “Preferred”

In sync with the UNEP Ecosystem Restoration narrative, removing the “and/or” approach, global nonprofit Textile Exchange has updated the term “Preferred” to include a fibre or raw material that delivers consistently reduced impacts and increased benefits for climate, nature, and people, through a holistic approach to transforming production systems.

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Apparel Impact Institute (AII) has opened its first call for applications for the Climate Solutions Portfolio, a soon-to-launch registry of proven carbon reduction solutions for the fashion industry. 

A €140 million commitment from luxury majors Kering and L’Occitane Group for a Climate Fund for Nature will mobilise resources to protect and restore nature, with focus on women's empowerment.


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  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Crafts That Concern and Communicate

    Innovation and sustainability are not disparate elements — they go hand in hand at Munich Fabric Start. The Sustainable Innovations forum at the event is a stepping stone towards big things for startups and design entrepreneurs. Simon Angel, the Curator of Sustainable Innovations, talks about newcomers and industry. Brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: In the Name of Sustainability

    When design is used as a tool to optimise natural materials by using existing resources, a new product is born. The test is whether it can be used for the greater good of the planet. A bunch of designers are doing just that. profiles some. These are brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

  • Philosophy Hasn’t Changed at Munich Fabric Start; It Reinvents by the Season

    Inspiring new products, innovative content and future-oriented themes is what Munich Fabric Start promises, even in these times of uncertainty. Frank Junker, Creative Director & Partner, Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH elaborates in this one-on-one with

  • Munich Fabric Start Set to Rock in Trends for Spring-Summer ‘24

    It's show time. It's the curtain-raiser for Spring-Summer ‘24. And it's the three-day international fabric trade show: Munich Fabric Start (MFS), beginning 24 January. It's the right occasion, the right time, the right place. A preview. 

  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Diverse Weaves with Paper, Wood and Hair

    When yarns of art meld and intertwine with threads of science, there must emerge an innovative new weave. brings to you three designers and their craft. The three-day event gets under way on 24 January. These profiles are brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

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Luke Haverhals
Luke Haverhals
CEO and Founder
Natural Fiber Welding
If humanity is going to make progress, then we need deeply informed technical discussions about what the correct problems to solve are. The reason the fashion industry is worse off today is because greenwashing that oversimplifies highly technical issues is pervasive. Moreover, oversimplification is exactly what has gotten Higg MSI and those that use Higg MSI into lawsuits.

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Vinay Thadani
Vinay Thadani
Chief Executive Officer
Vishal Fabrics Limited
During the pandemic, even as many Indian states and also other countries remained under lockdown, there were still some nations which were open. We felt that we should diversify; this was the right time to go into the Western markets.