Leverage the Advertorial Programme of texfash.com

Leverage the Advertorial Programme of texfash
  • Are you a manufacturer?
  • Are you a spinner?
  • Are you into making fabrics?
  • Are you a finisher, processor, dyer, into chemicals?
  • Are you a machinery-maker for the integrated textile value chain?
  • Are you a brand? Are you a brand in the apparel, fashion accessories, home fashion, footwear, leather space?
  • Are you a retailer?

If the answer is yes to any one or all of the above questions, and you wish to connect with your consumer, then this is the portal for you to put out an advertorial.

Advertorials. There is no standard definition for this term. But for us: an advertorial is a specialised form of advertisement that provides information about a product or a service in the form of an article. Run-on text, if you like. At texfash.com, we advise members of industry to opt for advertorials, rather than native-traditional advertising.

Whether you are an SME, MSME or a big-ticket player, your audience is here.

Advertorials are the best form of advertising when it comes to B2B marketing (which you would be seeking through texfash.com), and score over native advertising:

  • Advertorials are essentially articles and designed to appear like any other written content. 
  • They highlight the benefits of a product or service in a more subtle way than other types of ads.
  • Advertorials enable companies to get their message across in a more detailed and less promotional way.
  • For this reason, advertorials are used by companies to educate prospective buyers about the features of a product.

Placing an advertorial on texfash.com is an ideal way of both increasing brand awareness, as well showcasing either a product or a service: the readers of texfash.com are from across the industry spectrum—exactly the audience that you seek.

  • We are not yet a year old but here’s a shout out for texfash.com. Our stories get the most traction.
  • 100% organic growth. We grow some every day.

Unable to get the right content?

  • Our team of experienced editors will help you write/edit focused content, the way you want it.
  • Just send us the basic information and guidelines on how you want it written, we will tailor it to your precise requirements.
  • You give us the basic dope (and pictures too) we will tailor it to your requirement — focused and to the point.

Samplers of what you can showcase as an advertorial:

  • White papers;
  • Executive summary of annual reports.

Write to us at advertorial@texfash.com now!

  • Dated posted: 4 January 2023
  • Last modified: 4 March 2023