Notes for PR / CorpComm Professionals

Notes for PR / CorpComm Professionals

These are not rules writ in stone, but broad guidelines and pointers. We, obviously, are more stringent with some than others.

  • BROWSE TEXFASH.COM: Please familiarise yourself with the site, and see for yourself what we carry and what we don't.
  • INDUSTRY vs CONSUMER: The terms B2B and B2C that had become extremely popular since the turn of the century have since lost their significance because of rampant abuse of those terms. We call ourselves an "industry" publication, and we will remain so. We are *not* a consumer website. Hence, our articles are streamlined and chiselled for a specific audience.
  • PRESS RELEASES: As mentioned above, we are an industry publication. Generic business news are not for the audience that we cater to, in the way that we do. But we understand that business/financial news are important to companies. For that reason, we do carry press releases in a dedicated section on the site. We do not edit them either for style or for clarity: those are carried 'as-is', with a note at the bottom. Please ensure that the press releases are formatted as press releases should be; kindly do not send catalogues or blog posts. Also, we don't carry catalogues; those would come under ambit of advertorials.
  • IMMEDIACY: Be it press releases or pitches, please do not send (out)dated material. Press releases, especially, are meant for, as they say, 'immediate release'.
  • PITCHES: We are not interested in brand stories, unless one is a case study of a brand. Any pitch that you make needs to steer clear of company plugs for that reason. But we would definitely like to hear the points of view of industry leaders. We would like to interview Mr/Ms ABC of company XYZ not for what he/she has to say about XYZ, but how he/she looks at certain issues or developments in industry, for instance.
  • IMAGES: We are driven by images, and we like images to be of good quality. We ask for hi-res images, and in landscape. (i) The preferred resolution is 1920x1280 pixels. (ii) Please do not embed images inside a DOC file or as an inline image inside the email. (iii) Do not add watermarks or emboss logos on the images.
  • RESPONSES: As a thumb rule, we don't respond to press releases. But we always reply to pitches, irrespective of whether those work for us or not.
  • YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY: We don't charge anyone for press releases or pitches/stories. That would go against the basic tenets of journalism.
  • GO FOR ADVERTORIALS: Pitches that are meant to sell goods or services to our readers do not come under the ambit of news updates or features. In such cases, you might want to go in for an advertorial.

This page is subject to change without notice, not that we intend doing it every other day. Do keep track of this page.

Should you need any clarification, please feel free to contact us on

  • Dated posted: 7 March 2022
  • Last modified: 11 December 2022