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2030 Carbon Footprint from Fashion Consumption to be Highest in Australia Among G20 Nations; Lowest in India Nov 25, 2022
MMCF Manufacturers Lagging on NextGen Production as Percentage of Total Production Nov 25, 2022
Sustainable Fibre Alliance to Consolidate 3 Codes of Practice into Single Global Standard Nov 18, 2022
It’s Possible: Using Textile Waste as Nutrients for Cotton Crops Nov 14, 2022
UNEP, GFA Launch Multi-Stakeholder Project on Existing Industry Aligned Targets Nov 8, 2022
UNEP Releases its Sustainable Fashion Communication Strategy; Underlines Regional Nuance and Localised Approach Nov 5, 2022
Last Year's Promises Belied: Top Fashion Brands Instead Have Increased Emissions in 2022 Nov 1, 2022
Australia Escalates 8 Fashion & Textiles Manufacturing Skills on The National Skills Priority List Oct 31, 2022
Brands Will Gain Most, Manufacturers to Bear Burden from EU PEF Rules; Methodology Based on 'Theoretical' Product Oct 27, 2022
Standalone PEF Will Give Limited Picture of Environmental Impact, Lead to Misleading Claims by Fashion Industry Oct 26, 2022
As Shopping Move Towards Sustainable Practices, Research Finds Five Types of Fashion Consumers Oct 22, 2022
South Africa Needs to Act Soon to Put Textiles Value Chain on Climate-Compatible Pathway Oct 21, 2022
Under Cover: One-Fourth of Companies Have SBTs, But Keep Progress a Secret Oct 19, 2022
So Fur, So Good: Traceability System Furmark Nets 150 Manufacturers, Unveils Plans for Expansion Oct 18, 2022
Jaipur Set to Hold Conference on Sustainability and Recycling Oct 18, 2022
Operation Crackdown: Netherlands, Norway Issue Stringent Guidelines on Use of Higg MSI Oct 11, 2022
Global Organic Cotton Fibre Production up 37%, But ‘Data Confidence’ in Numbers is Low Oct 6, 2022
Sustainability Drives Going Nowhere; Global Fibre Production at Record High; Industry on Way to Miss Paris Target Oct 5, 2022
Comprehensive Policy Needed for Handmade Textiles in India: Says UNESCO Report Oct 5, 2022
Policy-Induced Global Recession Looms Large; Inadequate Financial Support Leaves Developing Countries in Lurch Oct 3, 2022
Treasure in Plain Sight: 494,000 tonnes of Post-Consumer Waste Ready for Fibre-to-Fibre Recycling in 6 European Countries Sep 28, 2022
US Report on Microfibre Pollution Turns Heat on Textiles and Fashion Sep 23, 2022
Rising Heat, Exacerbated by Climate Change, Will Hit Bangladesh's Garment Sector by 2050: Report Sep 22, 2022
First ITMF Awards Announced for Sustainability & Innovation and International Cooperation Sep 21, 2022
Lululemon's Sustainability Report Fails to Hide It Increased Climate Pollution by 60%: Stand.earth Sep 19, 2022
Ethiopia, China and Germany Set to Boost Sustainable Textile Investments Sep 17, 2022
GOTS Tag Not Enough: Textile Exchange to Seek All Original Certification Data Sep 16, 2022
Climate Business Hots up: BCG Acquires Quantis to Accelerate 'Sustainable' Transformation Sep 15, 2022
Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard Gives Company Away, Says Earth Is Only Shareholder Sep 15, 2022
New York Grants $10 million for Fashion Innovation Center; Focus on Smart and Sustainable Fashion Sep 14, 2022
International Cotton Conference to Take a Deep Dive into Traceability in Supply Chains Sep 14, 2022
Now, Netherlands Trashes H&M's Sustainability Claims; Decathlon Indicted Too; BCI Tag Not Enough Sep 13, 2022
Nobody's Buying the Idea: Only 1–7% Consumers Paying Premiun for 'Sustainable' Products, Finds BCG Survey Sep 13, 2022
Nike Rethinks Fleece, Goes Forward with Needlepunch, Discards Zippers, Cuts Carbon Footprint Sep 9, 2022
Ruined by Drought, Wiped Out by Floods: Global Natural Fibre Production Set to Drop in 2022 Sep 8, 2022
Munich Fabric Start Gets the Pre-COVID Numbers, Price-Quality Balance Remains Top Clincher Sep 7, 2022
US, Honduras Sign Agreement on Reshoring of Textiles and Apparel Sep 3, 2022
Circularity in Denmark Gets a Boost with DKK 106.5 million Grant Sep 2, 2022
China Responsible for ‘Serious Human Rights Violations’ in Xinjiang province: UN report Sep 1, 2022
International Cotton Conference to Decode Cotton, Take Deep Dive into Sustainability Issues Sep 1, 2022
Global Fashion Summit Steps Out of Copenhagen, Announces New Singapore Edition Aug 31, 2022
Luxury Embraced Like Never Before, Handmade New Trend, Sustainability Takes 11% Dip Aug 26, 2022
Eureka Moment: Scientists Find a Way to Break Down PFAS Aug 20, 2022
Remembering BD Nathani: My Journey Through Lala Land Aug 12, 2022
Future Proofing the Leather Industry with Partner Profiles and QR Technology Aug 9, 2022
Appropriating Khadi: KVIC Goes Charging on Two Fronts, Wins Case in Delhi HC Aug 4, 2022
Première Vision New York Makes Strong Comeback with AW 23/24 Season Aug 1, 2022
India to Weigh on Need to Promote Recycling, Upcycling, Sustainability Jul 25, 2022
People Make Clothes that Light Up and Flash—a Trend with No Lasting Value Jul 18, 2022
Recycling Dominated by Plastic Waste, Most Companies Relied on Now-Tainted Higg MSI Jun 29, 2022
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