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Coalition Launched in US to Shut Down Shein

In a severe blow to fast fashion brand Shein and just ahead of its plans to be listed on a US stock exchange within the year, a campaign to “shut down” the brand has been launched to "protect American consumers" and ensure a level-playing field.

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In a step to help the global textiles and apparel industry ramp up its efforts on facilitating collective action across the industry to deliver the 45% reduction needed by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has launched a Decarbonization Guide for its members.

Electrification could pave the path to decarbonization of the textile sector and scientists have identified and analysed four separate electrification pathways that could lower the CO2 footprint of this industry.

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  • Munich Fabric Start Set to Rock in Trends for Spring-Summer ‘24

    It's show time. It's the curtain-raiser for Spring-Summer ‘24. And it's the three-day international fabric trade show: Munich Fabric Start (MFS), beginning 24 January. It's the right occasion, the right time, the right place. A preview. 

  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: In the Name of Sustainability

    When design is used as a tool to optimise natural materials by using existing resources, a new product is born. The test is whether it can be used for the greater good of the planet. A bunch of designers are doing just that. profiles some. These are brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

  • Philosophy Hasn’t Changed at Munich Fabric Start; It Reinvents by the Season

    Inspiring new products, innovative content and future-oriented themes is what Munich Fabric Start promises, even in these times of uncertainty. Frank Junker, Creative Director & Partner, Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH elaborates in this one-on-one with

  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Diverse Weaves with Paper, Wood and Hair

    When yarns of art meld and intertwine with threads of science, there must emerge an innovative new weave. brings to you three designers and their craft. The three-day event gets under way on 24 January. These profiles are brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

  • Pushing the Frontiers of Innovation: Crafts That Concern and Communicate

    Innovation and sustainability are not disparate elements — they go hand in hand at Munich Fabric Start. The Sustainable Innovations forum at the event is a stepping stone towards big things for startups and design entrepreneurs. Simon Angel, the Curator of Sustainable Innovations, talks about newcomers and industry. Brought to you in association with and being presented at Munich Fabric Start

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Anthony Chesler
Anthony Chesler
Chief Executive Officer
Thread Together
Yes, unfortunately there is still a lot of excess in the fashion industry and whilst many brands we work with are trying hard to change and adopt a more circular approach it will take time. The positive step is that the industry recognises this and instead of once sending their garments to landfill they want to protect the planet and support people.

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Susana Godinho
Susana Godinho
Sugo Cork Rugs
Our brand is based on an innovative, patent-pending method for producing cork rugs, using traditional weaving techniques and a unique cork fabric. A cork rug manufactured using a hand loom is quite an innovation and this kind of rug cannot be found anywhere else in the world.