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Fabric Sourcing: Of Sustainability and Innovation

Munchen, the Bavarian capital, is warming up for the Munich Fabric Start set to begin 24 January as key stakeholders in the business of fashion will explore the world of textiles, accessories, finishings and sourcing solutions for Spring-Summer 2024. A curtain-raiser in association with and being presented at the Munich Fabric Start.

Leather Sector: Crises, Challenges and Opportunities

At the COP27 in Egypt, stakeholders in the business of leather released a ‘Leather Manifesto’ titled ‘Earth’s Legacy – A Place for Leather’, urging for recognition of leather’s climate-efficient characteristics. This was a reiteration of the COP26 manifesto which had exhorted: ‘Our Materials Impact our Climate’. Both called on the world to "recognise the cyclical, climate efficient nature of natural fibres and their potential for a positive contribution to reducing the climate impacts of consumer products." spoke to some key stakeholders to glean more on a range of issues pertaining to the industry.

Textile Printing: Opportunities & Challenges

As the fashion industry continues with its seismic growth, what is intertwined is the rise and rise of the digital textile print market which is set to touch $266.38 billion by 2023. This translates to a whopping 2.17 billion metres of printed textiles, coming out of a complicated and inextricably linked supply chain. Intertwined also are critical issues like carbon footprint. What lies ahead? What are the new innovations and trends that could impact this business of speciality print? sets out to explore.