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Textile Printing: Opportunities & Challenges

As the fashion industry continues with its seismic growth, what is intertwined is the rise and rise of the digital textile print market which is set to touch $266.38 billion by 2023. This translates to a whopping 2.17 billion metres of printed textiles, coming out of a complicated and inextricably linked supply chain. Intertwined also are critical issues like carbon footprint. What lies ahead? What are the new innovations and trends that could impact this business of speciality print? sets out to explore.

Blue or Dye: Berlin Event to Pave the Denim Way

The denim sector is abuzz with feverish activity, a lot of which can now be seen with one's own eyes at the two-day Berlin edition of Denim Première Vision (Denim PV), starting 17 May. After two years of online iterations, the event is back for real with more than 80 exhibitors representing a total production capacity of 1.5 billion metres of denim fabric. That’s scale for you. A curtain-raiser.

The Size of All Things

Technologies in virtual sizing have been developing at a frenetic pace. But the fashion industry, mainly brands and retailers, have been slow not just in adopting the fashtech solutions available, but also in leveraging technologies to their own advantage. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has shaken brands and retailers off their stupor. The sizing game is now picking up pace, but there's more to it than the eye can see.